"This is the thought I'd like to leave you with. There is a name for the period in our lives when suddenly everything feels overwhelming, everyone is changing, everything we think we know turns out to be wrong. It's called growing up. And that's when the real adventure begins" 

Dr. Hannu Rajeaniemi, a psycist and writer from Iceland ended his brilliant speech with the quote above but what preceeded it was a chain of stories from the first computer- a woman named  Henrietta Levitt- to Edwin Hubble toAlbert Einstein, madam curie and Leo Szilard. The stories showed how our understanding of science (and the world) changed over time as and the exponentially increasing complexities Imposed in our lives.


"Stars are what make you realize that the universe is very big"  he said.  Using your naked eyes you can see about 10,000 stars- if each star was a grain of salt, that would equate to 3 table spoons. This is an image what we can grasp but with the development of science we know that the number is unimaginably large. He moved on to talk about the small world- atoms it's smaller components. He continued into the subject of  technology and nature. The audience seemed so drawn to every scientific and historical fact or story he presented.  "To understand anything you must understand everything", he quoted Einstein and everyone instantly  laughed at the irony. 

I believe this is one of those  TEDx talks that will be re-watched again. Brilliant indeed!