A phenomenal 27 year old  woman entered the TEdxDanubia2015 stage today. Danielle Fong is  clearly passionate about finding a solution to energy sustainability. She said, "I have patience with people but not with systems" and her life choices proves this. She was heavily interested in energy and disliked the slow pace in school so she entered university at age 12.

She shared her journey of creating a company that would focus on sustaining energy-  Pointing out examples of heat waves, lack of food, extinctions of species she reminded us of the urgency of the issue. With guidance and advice from fellow contemporary innovators like Steve Jobs she continued  to followed her vision of finding the missing technology- something she instinctively felt- to conserve energy. Her company found a possible solution: storing energy in compressed air. She explained the technology behind using an example of of water spray but to get the scientific detail, watch her talk online.

The technology should be released in 2017 and we wish her luck.